Like to rock on?

We speak your language! The party positive rock you love served up with a swagger and a smile by the most loveable band in the 831, Le Strange!

It's more accurate to call us a tribute band. "A tribute to all that Rocks!". We play the songs we feel passionate about and we play 'em like we own 'em. Our emphasis is on lesser heard yet familiar material you aren't likely to hear from other bands. Le Strange crams a rock festival's worth of entertainment into a single evening.

What do we sound like? It's what you'd expect if you scooped up a handful of cassettes from the floor of a primer gray Camaro and stuffed them all in the cassette player. The kind of top down, convertible music you would shout along to in a car full of friends on a Friday night. Our music has its roots in a time when real guitar heroes with names like, Jimi, Jeff or Eric roamed the earth. Whether you owned the 8 tracks or learned to love these songs from playing Guitar Hero, Le Strange is your backstage pass to good times.

Rockin' together since 2008, we've become the premiere Rock band in the Monterey Bay area. We've played all the area clubs including: the Catalyst twice, once as a headliner, and we headlined four packed shows at Don Quixote's Music Hall in Felton, with more planned for the future. We're also a Saturday Night regular at the Crow's Nest. We've also started taking the party further afield, performing in Sunnyvale and Monterey.

Why waste time with other bands when Le Strange loves you just the way you are.

  • Le Strange is:
  • Donna Seda - Vocals, provocatively shaped percussion items
  • Bret Mars - Vocals, guitar, X-ray vision
  • Vince Sanchez - Drums, lucid insights
  • Cindy Stone - Keyboards, Social Director
  • Eric Gilmore - Bass, and various other fish.